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Opting-In: Pursuing a “Certificate of Fitness” from the DEQ

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What do you do when your blessing turns out to be less of a blessing and more of a difficulty?  A loved one has passed away and left you some inheritance. A house that you have fond memories of being in as a child.  Summer visits with cookies and lemonade out on the back porch.  […]

Water Quality FAQ

Water Quality

The United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world. However, national statistics don’t tell you specifically about the quality and safety of the water coming out of your tap. That’s because drinking water quality varies from place to place, depending on the condition of the source water from which it is […]

Meth Testing During Real Estate Transactions – A Reasonable Approach

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Real Estate transactions are contracts where time is of the essence.  In these contracts what is the most reasonable approach to testing for methamphetamine contamination while balancing the needs of the buyer and seller? We are uniquely positioned to answer that question at Safe Home Environmental, as a DEQ Certified Meth CleanUp Contractor & an […]

Homeowner Guide: Identifying Lead Plumbing

Pipes, galvanized steel, copper, and lead

Lead plumbing can be a serious health hazard in homes, as exposure to lead can cause a variety of health problems, particularly in children and pregnant women. If you suspect that your home may have lead plumbing, it is important to identify it and take steps to address the issue. Here’s how to identify lead […]

How the Libby Asbestos Crisis Reached Minnesota — and Beyond


By: Devin Golden on July 11, 2019 A town the size of Libby, Montana, shouldn’t be the epicenter of anything. With roughly 2,700 people as of 2017, according to the United States Census Bureau, the town isn’t large enough to garner the focus of a national disaster. Sure enough, though, it is. With a nearby […]

Lead-Based Paint: Identification & Remediation

Lead Hazard Sign

Older homes offer a charm and character that has become rare in new construction. However, older homes can come with their own set of challenges, often as a result of building methods that do not conform to modern safety standards or the use of materials now known to be hazardous to human health. The use […]