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Professional and certified

Our technical staff holds IAC2 certification for indoor air quality and our senior team members are certified by both DEQ and NRPP for environmental quality and radon proficiency.

These certifications highlight our dedication to top-notch assessments, ensuring safe and healthy spaces for our clients.

We promise to test your home just like it’s our own. Expect excellent and timely service, detailed testing, and a report that gives you all the info you need.


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Water testing

Water testing services identify and measure contaminants in water to ensure safety, monitor quality, and comply with regulations.

radon testing

Our radon testing equipment is the most advanced technology available to quickly detect radon gas levels in your home. Radon decay particles (RDP) put everyone at risk for lung cancer. Schedule your test today.

Mold testing

Our Mold Testing service uses advanced technology to identify mold growth and provide you with expert advice on remediation and prevention. Protect your home or business from the harmful effects of mold and breathe clean air. Schedule your mold testing service today.


New legislation passed in 2021 expanded the requirement of property owners to notify perspective renters or buyers of contamination with meth residue. The law also modified the decontamination standard from < 0.1 ug/100 cm2 to < 1.5 ug/100 cm2.


One Stop Shop

Asbestos & Lead Testing

Asbestos and lead are two hazardous materials that can be found in homes and buildings built before 1978. Asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Lead exposure can also cause serious health problems, especially in children, such as developmental delays and brain damage.

Sewer Scope

Video sewer scope services use a video camera to inspect sewer lines closely. This helps find problems like damage or blockages. You get a detailed report with photos or videos showing any issues. It's quick, reliable, and great for property owners.

Meet Jennifer Thorne

testing developer & technician

Our primary focus is safeguarding your family’s well-being, encompassing both physical safety and indoor air quality. We meticulously identify potential hazards, costly repairs, and overlooked maintenance, providing you with a holistic view of the property.

Our expertise extends beyond on-site guidance—we furnish easily comprehensible testing reports. These detailed assessments not only highlight concerns but also emphasize the crucial link between property condition and indoor health. They assist in prioritizing necessary fixes, empowering informed decisions for a healthier home environment.

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Call us to talk about the services you are in need of. Select a possible day for a visit.

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After receiving your scheduled service email, enter the online portal to review and sign agreements.  

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Receive your detail report directly in your client portal. Make your payment through the portal as well.

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