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When purchasing a home in Montana it is very common to have your own well. If you have never owned a property being on your own well can be a bit intimidating.  How will you know if your pump is going to fail?  Good question.

Safe Home Environmental is a solutions-based testing company that is here to help you determine the condition of your property and your well and all associated components.

There are three types of private drinking water wells: dug, driven, and drilled. Proper well construction and continued maintenance are keys to the safety of your water supply. Your state water-well contractor licensing agency, local health department, or local water system professional can provide information on well construction. The well should be located so rainwater flows away from it. Rainwater can pick up harmful bacteria and chemicals on the land’s surface. If this water pools near your well, it can seep into it, potentially causing health problems.

Water-well drillers and pump-well installers are listed in the state directory here. The contractor should be bonded and insured. Make certain your groundwater contractor is registered or licensed.

Many homeowners tend to forget the value of good maintenance until problems reach crisis levels. That can be expensive. It’s better to maintain your well, find problems early, and correct them to protect your well’s performance. Keep up-to-date records of well installation and repairs, plus pumping and water tests. Such records can help spot changes and possible problems with your water system. If you have problems, ask a local expert to check your well construction and maintenance records. He or she can see if your system is adequate or needs work.

Protect your own well area. Be careful about the storage and disposal of household and lawn-care chemicals and wastes. Good farmers and gardeners minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Take steps to reduce erosion and prevent surface water runoff. Regularly check underground storage tanks that hold home heating oil, diesel, or gasoline. Make sure your well is protected from livestock, pets, and wildlife waste.

When we test your water delivery system we will look at each component of your system. A typical system will have a well pump, pressure tank, well cap, power & controller, and plumbing.

We will identify any type of degradation of each component and perform a flow water test before and after a draw-down situation.

We will also monitor the amount of current that your well pump is using.  Too little or too much current can let us know that the pump is about to fail or if the well is not performing as it should.

Let us verify the water delivery system’s performance to put your mind at ease.

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Our technical staff holds IAC2 certification for indoor air quality and our senior team members are certified by both DEQ and NRPP for environmental quality and radon proficiency.

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