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Opting-In: Pursuing a “Certificate of Fitness” from the DEQ

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What do you do when your blessing turns out to be less of a blessing and more of a difficulty?  A loved one has passed away and left you some inheritance. A house that you have fond memories of being in as a child.  Summer visits with cookies and lemonade out on the back porch.  […]

Meth Testing During Real Estate Transactions – A Reasonable Approach

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Real Estate transactions are contracts where time is of the essence.  In these contracts what is the most reasonable approach to testing for methamphetamine contamination while balancing the needs of the buyer and seller? We are uniquely positioned to answer that question at Safe Home Environmental, as a DEQ Certified Meth CleanUp Contractor & an […]

My Property is Contaminated by Methamphetamine Smoke – Now What?

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You have been a property owner for years with a good rent flow. It is time to move on from a particular property, so you have decided to sell.  You find a great RE Agent and list your property for sale.  A buyer comes along and loves the property and now you are under contract.  […]

Up in smoke – Methamphetamine & Real Estate


History The manufacture and use of methamphetamine has taken place in Montana for decades.  Despite a slight decline in the early 2000s, 2008-2017 witnessed a dramatic increase in methamphetamine use in our state.  (See Fig 2.) In addition, homebuyer awareness and concern regarding potential meth contamination has increased significantly over the years, leading to increased […]